“There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better”

College is the point in your life where you exercise everything you’ve learned in the years of your existence. A point in your life where you struggle and enjoy!

Many of us say, that college is the hardest part of our life because of thesis, requirements, internship, exams and etc. But also it is the point of life where you learned a lot and experience a lot.

College life gives us a lot of life lessons and if you achieve graduation? Well you need to keep this things in mind. These are some things you need to reach graduation.

You need a lot of money! tons of it. Especially if your course is too expensive. You can’t provide a good output if you don’t have the money to buy all the materials. Money is very essential when you are in college. Those photocopies, pens, extra bond paper, computer café fee, canteen food and etc. will not just fly into your hands for free.

Second is you need, gadgets. In this new era of technology. Gadgets and technology reins in education. It is used as the medium in almost everything in school. The IDs, grading system, enrollment system, reports, output and even your class are in virtual. So, in order to survive in college you’ll need a laptop, android phone, flash drive, and a camera but if your poor. These will be a big help in your thesis which is the important requirement before you graduate. You’ll just need a android phone with a high memory for about 8gb. It will be enough to store all your projects.

Lastly, the key to surviving and enjoyment in college are friends! If you have these true people that will help you no matter what? then surviving college is pretty easy. Someone that could help you in your all-nighter project. Someone that will share her food when your wallet is empty and someone you can cry with when your thesis got denied ten times. In college you will have a lot of hardships and struggles which leads you to give up. But the people you love and friends will always be reason why you keep on fighting until the end. True friends are the sugar coated candy in your bitter life in college.


The sugar cotted candy in your bitter taste life in College.

He’s my extra, but just an ordinary Dad.


What is an extra ordinary person? What does she/he do? Amazing things? Like flying? or Holding his/her breathe for 5 minutes?

We have different perspective in these kind of things. We are amazed by unusual things. We adore things the are unique and are new. We appreciate things that are extra ordinary.

But for me? it’s just simple. Something that puts my heart into an awe is an not an ordinary thing for me.

What I mean is, it doesn’t have to be a superhero to say a person is an extra ordinary person. It only takes a my-heart-skip-a-beat moment to say something you saw or experience is not ordinary.

He’s a 64 year old widowed man, he lives with he’s daughter in a small house. He has no job or anything that can give him enough money to put food in their table. His wife died 3 years ago and now he is the only person who take the role of being mother and father to his only child. But how? How can they possibly survived like that?

For an ordinary person having this kind of burden in his life is very depressing. But what amazed me is he always have his time to make his friends and family laugh. He still finds time to help other people besides of thinking what are they going to eat later. He has a pure heart that only seeks for good and happiness. A strong heart that haven’t showed weakness because pain and burden is not an obstacle for him to reach his goal.

To see his child throws her toga hat up in the sky.