Hold hands to reduce disasters in our Land

Disasters are one of the most causes of death in the world. Floods, typhoon, tsunami, turnados, earthquake, and other natural hazards that affects and destroys communities and causing large amount of death.

Our government provides safety for all the people in its country. In the Philippines a lot of organizations provides and volunteers for disaster reduction.

So what should a simple civilian do in a particular baranggay when a disaster strikes. Does she/he have a lifeline kit? Does she/he knows where to go or knows where are the nearest evacuation are? Or does she/he even know if her/his baranggay is prone to this disaster.

What can an ordinary person do? Without any knowledge of these things. How can she/he help build a resilient disaster community?

Well let me share a film made by me and my friends. It is a short film that is about an old crippled man who saves his money for emergencies like natural disasters. He was rumored to be the town’s cheapskate but the film described that even the people who we thought are not capable on helping us, gives us an unexpected lesson.

In creating a community resiliency against disaster. The film gives a good example on how are we going to create this kind of community.

Casualties are the much expected to be affected by these calamities. They are the ones who needs more attention in case of emergency like this.

First thing to do in creating a community resiliency against disaster is to know where you are and what natural disaster are you prone to. Always know what to prepare and when to prepare. Preparing a lifeline kit, an all in one bag where everything you need is inside. Food, clothes, first aid kit, flashlight etc. Listening or watching to local news are very important to get updates about the weather. Being prepared is always the key to avoid further circumstances.

Second is check your place. What are the flaws and lacked in the baranggay? Is the baranggay’s drainage is fixed? Are their trees that are need to cut down to avoid more damages? What are need to be fixed and build? It is also important to know the capable evacuation area in the baranggay.

Lastly, helping one another is the most important virtue of all. In times like this sharing and helping one another is the tool to give hope and happiness after a terrible disaster striked.



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