Tips on how to avoid sleeping in class


Have you ever experience being scolded by your teacher because your sleeping in her class? Or having low grades in your seven o’clock because you we’re sleeping when your teacher was discussing the lessons.

A student’s life is never easy, there will be hardship and difficulties. One on the difficulties are assignments, projects, club meetings, soccer pratice etc. These things causes fatigue and stress which leads to drain all your energy for your class.

At some point, sleeping in class is impossible to avoid especially if you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

This could be because you we’re exhausted from studying all night for an exam or you we’re finishing a movie for tomorrow’s paper.

Sleeping in class is one of the dilemna of a student that is difficult to avoid. It will not only humiliate you in class or offending your teacher but it will also affect your grades when you miss your lessons because you we’re sleeping the whole time.

Here’s some tip you can use to avoid sleeping in class.

Watch:Tips on staying awake in class here

First tip, Stay alert. Keep your eyes wide open but not to open otherwise you’ll look like an owl. Keep yourself busy, it doesn’t matter what you do. You cam fiddle around with your pencil, take notes, tap your feet, drum your fingers, anything! But avoid daydreaming. 

Second tip, Keep your body active. Keeping your mind is only a half of the battle. You have to make sure your body is awake too. Sit tall in your chair, slouching makes you sleepy. Roll your shoulder or roll your head in circles to get the knicks out of your neck. Stretch your arms and shake your hands. Even these slight movement will help you get your blood circulation moving and keep you from falling asleep.

Note: if you’re really struggling to stay awake, pull down your earlobes or even pinch your thighs or forearms. In desperate moments, you can lightly bite your tongue.

Third tip, Interact. Your classmates can also help you stay awake. Take opportunities to use your classmate to help you stay alert. Like, talking before the class starts. Instead of slouching in your chair ans slipping into half slumber. You can also sit near the students who participate. Their voices will jolt you awake frequently. This will also keep you from sleeping because you’ll know that your teacher will be looking at your direction often.

Fourth tip, Avoid being bored or restless. Drink a cold water. You might be sleepy because you’re a little dehydrated. Drink water and splash some on your face too. It will help you wake up right away. Sniff or chew a peppermint. The scent of a peppermint wakea up the body and brain. Also chewing keeps your mind and mouth busy.

Fifth tip, Eat healthy. You should eat a healthy breakfast to give yourself the fuel you need to make it through the rest of the day. Food will give you boost of energy.

But most importantly, get enough sleep. It is the main reason why you’re sleeping in class.




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